Fifty Years of Relational - A Personal View

Business and information technology professionals will learn directly from C.J. Date how relational technology has developed over the last five decades, and the work that still remains to be done.


Next virtual class: Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Fifty years of relational.  It’s hard to believe the relational model has been around now for over half a century!  But it has—it was born on August 19th, 1969, when Codd’s first database paper was published.  And Chris Date was instrumental in making it all happen, working closely with Codd for many years and publishing the first, and highly influential, book on the subject in 1975.  In this unique presentation, Chris offers his own perspective on those fifty years.  No database professional can afford to miss this one of a kind history.


The presentation is in two parts, corresponding roughly to the first 25 years and the second 25 years, respectively.  Part I traces the development of relational technology from its early theoretical beginnings to its total dominance of the database marketplace (albeit in an unfortunately imperfect form) by the mid 1990s.  Part II explains how the industry then began to lose its way … It considers in some depth various claimed alternatives to the relational model, and explains why those alternatives are doomed to eventual failure.  It also shows how relational technology has led to success in a variety of important research areas, and it touches on issues where work still remains to be done.


Part I: Topic Outline

  • Original contributions
  • Historical context
  • Battles for acceptance
  • Milestones



Part II: Topic Outline

  • Replacing relational?
  • Why relational won’t be replaced
  • The Third Manifesto
  • Research topics and successes


About C. J. Date

Chris Date has a stature that is unique in the database industry.  He is best known for his textbook An Introduction to Database Systems (Addison-Wesley), which has sold some 900,000 copies at the time of writing.  He enjoys a reputation that is second to none for his ability to explain complex technical issues in a clear and understandable fashion.  He was inducted into the Computing Industry Hall of Fame in 2004.


Next virtual class: Tuesday, February 22, 2022

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