Data Modeling

The Data Modeling Institute (DMI) is an organization dedicated to educating business and IT professionals on best-practice data modeling processes and techniques. Although DMI has been initially funded by Technics Publications, a leader in business and technology publishing with a specialty in data modeling books and conferences, the goal is for many knowledge providers to be involved in contributing content and services to the community.

The Data Modeling Certification (DMC) is DMI’s first initiative. DMC is the most important industry-recognized certification for people who create or design data models. Obtaining the DMC earns you a place among an elite group of practitioners who have proven their data modeling competence.


There are over 350 questions spanning 100 data modeling categories in the DMC exam, where one must demonstrate proficiency, with one question randomly chosen from each of these 100 categories (so 100 questions total will be asked during the exam). The 100 categories can be generalized into these ten data modeling topics:


  1. Syntax
  2. Components (entities, relationships, attributes, keys, domains, subtypes)
  3. Process and approach
  4. Conceptual, logical, and physical
  5. Relational and dimensional
  6. Notations
  7. Abstraction
  8. Naming standards
  9. Definitions
  10. Best practices and pitfalls


The challenging 90 minute DMC exam requires correctly answering at least 90 out of 100 multiple choice questions. Each question needs to be answered quickly and having six possible choices for each question reduces the chances of guessing correctly. The DMC is not just recognition you can data model in any industry anywhere in the world, it also facilitates the recruiter or human resources professional’s search for finding someone who knows how to design robust data models that meet the current and anticipated requirements of the business.


You can take the free Data Modeling Pre-Certification Assessment to determine your readiness for the Exam. This 20-question Assessment contains similar (but not identical) questions to what will be faced in the 100-question Exam. You do not receive a certification for passing the Assessment, and you can take the Assessment as many times as you like.


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