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Data domains

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Hi, I am creating a high level conceptual data model (BTM) for logistics industry. I have such data domains as Clients, Employees, Services, Operations, Operations Documents, Service Documents, Location, Timetables, Rolling Stock.


1) I have a hard time deciding where I should put "Operations Plan" - as a separate data domain or under Operations or Timetable data domains. 

2) I also have hard time positioning train data entity. A train is not really a rolling stock as it consists of  locomotives and wagons. The later are physical assets, while the former is a combination of these assets traveling on the road, on the specific route at the specific time. 

I am new to data modelling and I am following Steve's method of Who, What, When, Where, Why and How - I am trying to put my data domains and data entities under these categories. Makes life easier. So my questions is - where would you put "work plan" and "train". 

Thank you!


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