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Easy Hacks to make homemade food for your ESA Dog – Guide



Doggies are such a blessing that they can light up your mood and make your whole day better. Just with the help of their presence, they can make things so much better and more fun for everyone. AS the world is progressing, things have become super busy and hard for all of us and we hardly get any time to enjoy things and shows that we like.


In such times, pets are a great source of happiness and support. People suffering from depression or problems like anxiety etc. are advised to get an esa letter so that they can take a dog home with them. This will boost up their treatment and make them feel less lonely. It will also keep them indulged in other activities so that their attention remains diverted from depressing thoughts.


People in lockdown told not to make impulsive pet decision | Pets | The  Guardian


Some landlords or house owners do not allow the entry of pets into their houses. With the help of an esa letter for housing, the dogs can be taken anywhere. Even at places where animals are prohibited. This really comes in handy when you do not want to get into an argument with your house owners and showing them the letter can get you out of any possible trouble.


When you get an emotional support animal, it is obvious that you are fighting with some problem or disease and need some companions. In such times it becomes really hard to take care of the food needs of your doggo. Obviously, dogs are living things too and need food to survive so you cannot deprive them of this but going every now and then to get their food could seem like a huge task at hand. At times, it is heavy on the pocket too.


To solve that issue, what you can do is to make their food at home. This will not only divert your attention but also provide your doggie with homemade organic dog food. This will be great for their health as well. Now here I am going to tell you can dogs eat carrots and some amazing hacks that you can use to make your dog’s food at home. Let’s dive into that!


  •   Instead of giving a raw diet to your doggie, try to cook at least half of it. Raw food can be so high in fat that it will take your dog towards obesity.
  •   Include meat and other products. Feeding only raw meat or bones to your doggie is not a healthy practice. Include different animal products and they will remain healthier.
  •   You can use your food leftovers. Make sure they are not some scrappy fat leftovers rather something you would eat too but too full to finish.
  •   Include liver in your dog’s diet. Beef liver is great for them but adds chicken liver in their meal sometimes too.
  •   adding eggs to their diet is great. Big dogs can have one whole egg per day. Give less to smaller/baby dogs.
  •   Kefir and plain yogurt are tolerated and liked by some dogs. Try that and your doggie might end up enjoying it.
  •   Cheese is also a great option.
  •   Fruits and vegetables are not included in the evolutionary diet of dogs but you can add small chunks of it mixed with meat so that they can consume it and stay healthy. It is a great source of fiber But know that can dogs eat avocado before giving them avocado.


Making dog food at home is not tough once you start enjoying doing so. It does not have to be very fancy and time-consuming. You can make do with whatever is available but keep in mind the items your dog is allergic to. Hope the above-mentioned hacks help you out. Have fun with your doggie, give them lots of treats!


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