Where the CDMP is focused on data management with data modeling as a possible specialty, the Data Modeling Certification (DMC) is focused completely and only on data modeling. The DMC is designed solely for data modeling practitioners. Having knowledge of the data modeling chapter of DMBOK2 is helpful (and recommended) for the DMC as well, but a strong working knowledge of data modeling is a prerequisite to passing. Eventually the DMC could become a general data modeling certification, with more advanced specialties within data modeling as add-on certifications such as the Data Vault or UML. It is similar to the relationship between CDMP and IDMA, where although both are focused on data, they have different audiences, and although there is some overlap, someone most likely would choose both (and not one over the other). For example, DAMA South Africa offers the DMC and they also offer the CDMP, with no competition between the two certifications. They are positioning the DMC as a complement and sequel to the CDMP, with the DMC being more of a specialty.

The DMC is good for four years. After this time, you need to keep it active. More here.

You will need an internet connection and a browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. If you are taking the Exam (and not the Assessment), you will need a web camera so a proctor can be present while you take the exam. If you take the Exam at a conference or similar venue, you will not need a camera.

It is extremely important that we maintain the integrity of the DMC. Therefore, a live proctor will be present (through video) during the length of the Exam. In addition, there are a number of technical checks put in place to detect if a test taker is trying to cheat. If it is determined that a test taker has attempted to cheat, the test taker will not receive a refund and will be banned from ever taking the test again virtually. The test taker can take the Exam in person at a conference or similar type of event.

If you do not pass, you have a second chance to take the Exam at no charge. If you do not pass this second time, you will need to register and pay again.

You will receive a certificate immediately after passing. Within 24 hours, you will receive an email with a personal DMC badge that can be added to your social media accounts and also your email signature, and you will receive a request to add you to our DMC Wall of Fame. In addition, you be registered in our verification system so that employers can verify your certification credentials.

The Data Modeling Pre-Certification Assessment is free to take and the Data Modeling Certification Exam is $199. You can take the free Data Modeling Pre-Certification Assessment to determine your readiness for the Exam. This 20-question Assessment contains similar (but not identical) questions to what will be faced in the 100-question Exam. You do not receive a certification for passing the Assessment, and you can take the Assessment as many times as you like. Register here.

If you do not pass the Exam, you have a second chance to take the Exam at no charge.

Contact us about team discounts.

After registering, you will be emailed a link where you can purchase the Exam registration. After paying, you will receive a schedule notification and a user id and password. Be at your computer at the scheduled time and you will be able to log in and take the Exam. A proctor will be present during the Exam.

Having a DMC is objective proof you know data modeling to current and prospective employers. Certifications can also lead to higher salaries (in this study at least 20% higher).

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