Please complete the form to the right to register for the Data Modeling Pre-Certification Assessment or the Data Modeling Certification Exam. The Assessment is free to take and the Exam costs $199.


The Assessment will help you determine your readiness for the Exam. The 20-question Assessment contains similar (but not identical) questions to what will be faced in the 100-question Exam. You do not receive a certification for passing the Assessment, and you can take the Assessment as many times as you like.


If you are taking the Assessment, you will receive a user id and password to the system and can take the Assessment at your convenience. If you are taking the Exam, you will receive an email with a payment link and be able to schedule a time for your exam.


Below are the next few public events where we are offering the Exam. If you take the Exam at one of these events, you do not need to complete this form or pay for the Exam now. You can do that at the event.


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